Monday, November 22, 2004


Media theory - the mainstream Chomskyans

A huge part of the problem with today's social science regarding media theory is the way the methodology is allowed to get blurry. The media market is seldom analyzed from a pure micro-macro perspective. I will try to change that.
I have now started to put the pieces together for the first chapters of my dissertation. There will not be as many remarks on structural determinism as in my previous book. Those of you who are interested in a report on Chomsky can read the following article I wrote a few years ago: Chomsky – Handelsresande i konspirationsteorier (Chomsky - a merchant in conspiracy theory).

(In the same category I have written a paper on how allegedly independent research on public policy issues is being framed by the Swedish government to fit an ideological pattern: Jeopardy med Jämit (Jeopardy with the Gender equality issue - you pose the question the government has already the answers.)

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