Thursday, December 09, 2004


The Fifth Estate at war with the Fourth?

Big media isn't getting it:

"Journalists are beginning to get it." [...] "However, I'm still not convinced
that Big Media is doing the most important thing: listening. We are still in a
top-down mode and don't realize that the conversation is more important than our
pronouncements. I see progress, but not enough".

For more, see - We the media.

Some journalists try to refute the promising force of scrutiny by bloggers. Eric Engberg, who has been made infamous in Bernard Goldberg's book Bias, has not much good to say about bloggers in this trademark piece. (Engberg once slanted a news story on Steve Forbes' flat tax so harshly that it could only pass as propaganda. At least to everybody but Engberg himself.)
(For all of you who can't get enough of CBS... here's more CBS - criticism of their election night coverage.)

The Fifth Estate?

In the world, post-November 2 2004, it is evident that bloggers play an important role. This is so, because: a) they hold a strong watchdog position, and b) because the cost for entering the market is literally not existing. For more see: The Watchdog impact of bloggers - with low entrance costs on the market.

(Also on blogs and media relations: Jay Rosen's thought)

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