Friday, October 20, 2006


The "anti-fascist" agenda

Following my previous post I found more newsgroups where the debate on TV4 was a hot topic. The spokesperson from Sweden's Communist Youth (a fringe group of obscure ideological background) also mentioned the debate on his blog. But he gets a lot of flak from other extreme leftwing fractions in Sweden, like the Revolutionary Communist Youth League, who strongly argue against the use of violence in the latest issue of their paper.

Two things to be said about this. Violence is a consistent part of these extremists' strategy. And any ideological distinction between left/right is per se misguiding.
Instead, I always use the liberty matrix where radikal marxist-leninist leftists/fascists automatically are defined in the lower south-east corner (strong government control of both the personal and the economical freedom) : Indeed they have more things that unite them than things that don't.

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