Monday, November 22, 2004


U.S. Ambassador Teel Bivens in Lund

The U.S. Ambassador in Sweden, Teel Bivens, visited the political club Ateneum at Lund University on 18 November. (As I used to be the chairman of Ateneum when I was in college, I was looking forward to hear about the speech.)
Mr Bivens apparantly spoke for about half an hour, leaving open for questions for another 30 minutes. He was very straight-forward and kept putting emphasis on just how much he liked president Bush.
The funniest punchline of the evening came after he received a question from the audience about a recent poll from D.C. which gave the Democrats support by more than 80 percent of the people working inside the Beltway. Mr Bivens replied: "Oh you're talking 'bout D.C., the city where the mayor got arrested for cocaine possession? Look, in the US there's only one poll we care about, it's on november 2nd every four years."

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