Thursday, December 09, 2004


Among myths, hoaxes and media spins

Fundraising ´04: Democrats Got More Money Than GOP
Guess what? Democrats outscored Republicans in raising money for their cause.

Howard Kurtz is, as always, right on target in his analysis of media madness:
John Snow (Treasury Secretary) has had a rough time with the media. But - in contrast to the speculations newspapers have only been to eager to build their stories around - Snow still has Bush's supprt.
Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times all have their different ways of trying to explain their gossiping form of journalism, or - as in the case with LA Times - divert attention by discussing Bush's possibility to work with the new, stronger majority on Capitol Hill.

Kurtz also writes in his column about the Plame case, which raises interesting question about the principle to hold journalists to different standards (and not have them reveal their sources). The Plame case is important because here, the reporter seems to be more than a witness (and the source involved is not an ordinary whistle-blower but a person suspected of a crime. It is almost as if the reporter becomes an accessory to the crime (by publishing the story). Kurtz' puts forward some strong points, not often addressed to journalists who are used to being treated as if they sometimes were above the law.
Let's hope that this debate continues.

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