Wednesday, January 26, 2005


NBC distancing itself from CBS

This just in (well, a couple of days old)...
It is truly fascinating how fast the other networks are re-positioning themselves in a world "post-Memogate".

NBC's Zuckers says 'memogate' couldn't occurNEW YORK, Jan. 22 (UPI) --
The president of NBC Universal Television Group told the Television Critics
Association in Los Angeles incidents like Memogate could not happen at NBC.Jeff
Zucker said his network has safeguards in place to prevent incidents.The biggest
shock to us is that none of those safeguards were in place there, NBC Universal
Television Group President Jeff Zucker said Friday. Because nothing like that
could have gotten through, at any level, because of the safeguards we instituted
more than a decade ago.In 1993, after a producer staged an explosion of a truck
for a Dateline NBC segment, NBC News procedures added safeguards such as a
department of standards that looks at each story without a vested interest,
executives and attorneys who do the same and anyone in the newsroom is
encouraged to come forth with concerns, anonymously if necessary, reported the
New York Daily News Saturday.I was struck by a number of things that we do that
they didn't, Zucker said. The role of the senior producers and executive
producers, if it gets that far, is to challenge the premise of every

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