Thursday, February 24, 2005


Girlie-men in the Press room

James Dale Guckert, aka Jeff Gannon, a gay escort service, a phony news bureau et cetera, et cetera...
Let's just make one thing clear - if you want to mess with a political party to sabotage, and you are disguised as a reporter, be sure to have an air-tight cover-up story.

The "outing" of Gannon
Ok, so it has been officially out for a week now, with Gannon even appearing on Wolf Blitzer and when even the Sentinel is facing the fact!
All over the US, the editorial pages are asking a number of relevant questions, for example how this one man was able to fool the security officers at the White House? Some argue that it is possible that the White House knew all along, and liked the whole thing, just to have Gannon there to delay press briefings and give the administration positive feedback.

Pimp my press card
Then again... what was his main objective?
Let's just say that some bloggers (don't you just love DailyKos?) go all out with conspiracy theories. Sometimes it's fun. Sometimes they are true. Sometimes they are far from substantiated. The latest rumor seems to be that Mr Gannon can unravel the old CBS-Memogate story. As they said in the old times - Read all about it!

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