Sunday, June 04, 2006


Pirates launch new attacks, backed by many

Yup, they are up and running again. The Pirate Bay (new address!) is allegedly relocating its server capacity to the Netherlands and Russia and hope to be soon up and running full scale in Sweden again.
Too much to say about this - but one thing is really scary - they way Hollywood interests and the White House seem to have been able to influence police authorities in Sweden to make the raid on The Pirate Bay. It does not only beg the question whether the Swedish Minister of Justice - Thomas Bodström - is guilty of ministerial control of the legal branch (which is against the Swedish constitution) but also if Sweden's government is really turning into a Banana republic, simply doing whatever other governments demand of them (just as in the Mohammed scandal).

Anyways, the pirates have set full sails again, and they are certainly not afraid of engaging in battle formation against the bureaucrats and Hollywood interests. Regardless of what you may argue is a virtuous position in the debate over immaterial property rights The Pirate Bay has really done something quite useful here - they have addressed the question of whether torrent files and other Internet P2P-sharing systems are really breaching the copyright restrictions. To side with the MPAA and other Hollywood tycoon interest without considering the philosophical as well as technical arguments on property rights and Internet technology is probably the worst way to go. So until further notice - I will proudly hail the Jolly Roger banner.

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