Tuesday, November 23, 2004


IAPC - Consultants gone clueless?

Two weeks since the IAPC Conference in Vancouver. And the questions are the same, however the answers are yet to be revealed. Michael Bloomfield from The Mellman Group was to talk about pollings (and supposedly what went wrong).
Political consultants know a lot. But isn't it a little bit too early to give definite answers to an election just three days after the battle in Ohio? Doesn't this advise-on-demand risk to minimize the trustworthyness that is the consulting worlds bread and butter?

Btw... Kevin Newman, the former ABC News anchor, spoke at 11.45 on November 6 about “The View from the Press Box” - How foreign and domestic journalists impact and view the U.S. presidential election. Anyone who wants to fill me in on what he said?

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