Thursday, December 09, 2004


More on the anti-free market Swedish Enterprise lobbyists

After forcing Johnny Munkhammar to leave his job at The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (CSE) (See archive: Tuesday, December 7), the following news piece is even more astonishing (December 9): Greger Hatt, an old labor union suit, as well as the former speechwriter for the labor government under Ingvar Carlsson, is now speaking out in an op-ed in the Swedish financial newspaper Dagens industri. In his article, Hatt defends the Swedish labor unions attempt to stop Latvian construction workers from competing on the Swedish market.
Oh, did I forget to mention that Hatt is now working for CSE, handpicked by the CEO Ebba Lindsö.
Let's reiterate: When Hatt is defending the socialdemocratic government, Lindsö seems to be just fine. When Munkhammar is defending free markets, then he has to leave the organisation.

Wow, it's 50 percent freedom of speech - Pinochet-style: All speeches favoring the government are allowed. With capitalists like Lindsö there is no need for socialists in Sweden to worry too much.

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