Thursday, February 10, 2005


Oh the discourse we live in!

Today, Swedish Public Service TV used their Mediamagasinet (The Media Magazine - journalists who try to act as watchdogs over ... eh...well... journalists) to make a comparison between Fox News and Al Jazeera. The Media Magazine found that they were very similar, and that both channels could be viewed as platforms for political propaganda cleverly packaged as "news".

As if Fox was working in a vacuum... where other forms of bias could not occur in, say in CBS, ABC, NBC and CBS.

Oh, the discourse we live in - and the irony it brings! Journalists who work for a government run Public Service station in Sweden use guilt-by-association drama to accuse Fox News for carrying a political bias.

Fox is working on a market where it has to compete for its viewers and the daily bread of the channel. It's prime purpose is of course not political - it is to make money. A tax-financed tv-channel, on the other hand, doesn't have to be bothered with such petty things as making a profit. It can simply focus on it's main objective, which might just be to keep delivering the propaganda about the supremacy of the welfare state - and public service.

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