Wednesday, February 02, 2005


MoveOn is getting dirty again

As we await George Bush's State of the Union address:

MoveOn - the liberal PAC doesn't seem to mind to get their hands dirty. I'm sure George Soros is getting his money's worth.

During the election, MoveOn tried to make Americans think that fully automatic weapons (so-called "assault weapons"), such as the AK-47 (Kalashnikov), would become legal to buy due to decisions made by George Bush and Republicans in Congress.
Before this incident, MoveOn made two campaign ads, comparing Bush with Adolf Hitler (watch them here). No comment needed. (See related stories: Washington Times, Drudgereport)
They Moved on (no pun intended) during the election campaign by putting out ads which charged that Gallup's opinions polls were biased. (No evidence for this allegation could be presented, not then, not later.)
Then MoveOn tried to get inte the business of documentary movies (just kidding, it should say "propaganda") by paying more than half of the budget for the highly partisan "Outfoxed" movie, directed by propaganda moviemaker Greenwald.

Now, MoveOn, is at it again. This time they are putting out ads that claim that Bush wants to slash Social Security (while implying that he is only interested in doing so, in an effort to make it harder for hardworking Americans).

The good thing is that FactCheck is onto them and they are blasting MoveOn in this Memo.

I agree with those who said that the campaign 2004 was an ugly smear campaign. But even if the candidates and both DNC and RNC did their best they could not come close to some of the 527's where MoveOne - by all standards - is an all-time low. Yet again, MoveOn show their true brown colors - as brown as the mud they are throwing.

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