Monday, January 31, 2005


The Greens, and how to cook their agenda

Last week a junior colleague at the department came by to introduce himself. He seems to be hooked on theories that predict that the world is going to end next monday, around tea-time.

Just as it is hilarious to hear theologians refute science (and to know when the bible-bashers are dead wrong), it is somewhat amusing to listen to green beans when they discuss economics.

The Kyoto protocol seems to pull a certain strong heartstring. Nevermind the fact that Kyoto doesn't work, or that economists all over the world have spoken out against its stalemate form of regulation. At least the fact that it has been opposed by "the Bush administration" seems to bring these advocaters together, oblivious of the fact that Bush and his administration was backed up by a 95-0 vote in the Senate, during the Clinton administration.

For more on where "the Greens" go wrong. Enjoy the field of environmental economics:

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