Monday, January 31, 2005


Don’t believe the world around you!

Last August, I went through Oklahoma. While having brunch at a roadside diner in the middle of nowhere on the Oklahoma prairie I started talking to this group of people in their 60ies. They seemed cheerful. And before I left to head back east in the SUV, one woman in the party turned to me and said "And remember ... It’s all about Kerry!". Her lunch companions all joined in.
I was petrified. I just couldn't believe it. Kerry had outspoken supporters. In Oklahoma. It's hard to find a more deep dark red state.
At that moment I was convinced there was nothing that could stop Kerry. As it turns out - I was wrong. Which only comes to prove one thing - in the battle between logical, coherent models and empirical facts - the models will always prevail. Empirical fact-finding is subject to people's everchanging taste and opinion. Logic and rationality is universal. Even in Oklahoma.

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