Thursday, June 09, 2005


An interesting dissent in the SC


Chief Justice Rehnquist, Clarence Thomas and Sandra Day O'Connor - what do they have in common you might ask... well, in the case Gonzales, attorney General, et al. v. Raich et al. or as it is more famously called - The marijuana decision - these three Supreme Court justices seem to share some common ground. Read the Supreme Court decision here (pdf) .

With Stevens writing the opinion of the majority (joined by Scalia, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Souter, Breyer) the federal intervention line became distinct.
But the interesting outcome is the states-right-point that all three dissenting justices share. This is certainly a great case to show how liberal justices and libertarian ditos really do have a common ground in the interest to keep states rights strong and refrain federal government from intervening.
This is a crash course in political philosophy. And also a nice little reminder that the up and coming Justice Scalia is perhaps not as much of a right-wing hardliner as he has been blamed to be.

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