Thursday, December 02, 2004


A Moral Majority

The Moral Vote Lingers in the minds of analysts. Here are some reflections on the debate which dominated the net less than a month ago.
The Washington Post ran a number of stories on the evangelical vote. One blogger wrote two pieces on the identity research theme - A new evangelical politics and 'Values Vote' during the days after the election, seemingly without the insight that his two pieces contradicted eachother. However, they both include some good insights that point to the fact that the evangelical vote was NOT the driving force behind the Republican victory. As everybody should know by know - the multiple choice questions presented to voters at the exit polls made for slanted stats on the impact of moral values.

What to say to those who still want to pursue the value-theory as the driving force behind the election? To quote Tucker Eskew on November 3:

Good morning.

Yes, it is.

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