Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Who's your Baghdaddy?

Little Green Footballs has some great stories that they just recently published:

The Jihad movement in Iraq shows its true colors - and they are all red, white and blue - the French way...

Transcript from the video film:
"We thank all those, including those of Britain and the U.S. , who took to the
streets in protest against this war and against Globalism. We also thank France,
Germany and other states for their position, which least to say are considered
wise and balanced, til now."
To top it off with a nice liberal finish, LGF places a few comments on Dean Opperman's obituary over the state of the union in his article - 'A liberal’s final wish' in The Pasadena Weekly.

Like LGF puts it - It reads like a parody of someone with “an especially virulent case of Bush Derangement Syndrome”.

France and Germany get endorsements from terrorists in Iraq! And the world thinks that the U.S. is in trouble??? How do you spell 'damage control' in French?

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