Monday, August 29, 2005


Public Propaganda Broadcasting, chapter 5341 (and counting)

The Swedish Public Broadcasting Network (SVT) keeps driving in the left lane. After bringing such objective "documentaries" as Outfoxed to the Swedes, SVT has now polluted the airwaves by hailing The Corporation. Slippery-slope arguments and bad inference have never before been so frequent in a documentary. But as long as you agree with the leftist appeal in the movie (and care less about facts and valid arguments), the storyline couldn't be better. Or, as the documentary states it - we show you why capitalism is bad by giving some examples of businesses who behave badly. And to top it off we make the ridiculous argument that companies live for the sheer excitement of giving employees the pink slip. Johan Norberg replied that he now anticipates the broadcasting of "The Water" by SVT, explaining why all water is bad because some people drown in it every year.

Well, at least Danish TV2 showed The Architect last night.

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